Moving and storing cryptocurrencies safely is hard. If you’re a cryptocurrency exchange or a financial institution managing these digital assets for your clients, the risks are huge. Not only do you feel the pressure of physically securing your cloud hosted infrastructure, hardening both the network and server spaces, but you also have customers and employees to worry about too.

Multiple integrations with cryptocurrency and wallets as well as managing ongoing compliance with global regulators is time consuming. Rapid change can cause confusion for new and existing clients who may not understand the burdensome KYC/AML policies required for them to use your platform. Add to that the media’s persistent skepticism of cryptocurrencies and the frequent news of exchanges that have been compromised. This issue is at the forefront of every operator’s day-to-day agenda and long-term planning. 

Fundamentally, all these problems are rooted in the same issue. Lack of trust. Trust in the security of the complex systems that operate a crypto exchange, 

trust in service providers to not lose or disclose data to unauthorised parties, and trust in the people that work for you not to abuse your governance structures and act maliciously.

With all of these factors at work, where can exchanges and financial institutions turn to? Is there something out there that gives them peace of mind regarding their duty to large commercial and institutional investors?

In conjunction with Hokan, Lokblok has developed a hybrid hardware and software solution that enables institutions to become the custody provider for their clients without the associated development risk of building something proprietary.

Watch the video below to see how it works.


No matter where your crypto wallets are in the world, in a data center, at the office, at home, on a beach, we can deliver trusted data at rest and data in motion to a level that’s never been seen before outside of the military.


Through our multiple form factor hardware roots of trust (HRT), we can create and store the private keys and certificates to a level of certification called FIPS140-2 Level 3  – the highest level of assurance available on the market today.

With multiple layers of protection, we can deliver unprecedented data integrity from edge to cloud or data centre.

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