A hardware root of trust and secure computing environment.

We provide a tightly controlled, portable computing environment that leverages world class security. This unique USB based solution uses hardware enforced cryptographic protection of the drive’s storage space, and an on-board hardware security module that provides secure creation and storage of digital assets.  This includes protection of assets such as wallet seeds, crypto keys, digital certificates as well as popular hardware protected cryptographic functions (signing, validation, hashing, including encryption and decryption).

Coupled with secure boot, our solution manages the interaction with the host’s computing resources (CPU, RAM, graphics cards, networking, etc.). Providing a secure hand off to the operating system, our solution is capable of leveraging the endpoint’s hardware whilst retaining full control of security over the environment (mitigating boot sector malware risks). This ensures that access to the on-device storage is strictly controlled via hardware enforcement through our device encryption – which is not vulnerable to firmware / ram scanning attacks against encrypted drives.

The Lokblok HRT devices are available in USB 2, USB 3, and microSD form factors. As we plan for future iterations of this security model, opportunities will open for integrated hardware modules on laptops, tablets, IoT devices and cell phones. The combination of these products and features will empower and expand the security of these devices and are largely absent in most solutions today.

The Lokblok SDK will support cross platform development on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, with iOS in the pipeline for 2020.