Next generation software defined networking

Introducing the Lokblok Zero Trust Network (ZTN) for connecting and protecting highly distributed endpoints from the edge over any network to any cloud/multi-cloud environment. Lokblok ZTN ensures highly secure connectivity is integrated into individual applications (rather than the whole platform) through identity-bound AppWANs using application micro-segmented connectivity, logical isolation and Least-Privileged-Access for superior data protection and granular control.

Under the hood, the Lokblok edge device generates a unique identity and certificate from the HRT which acts as a security ignition key as the method of authentication to “turn on” the application specific connections – i.e. Lokblok ZTN does not permit any data to flow until it has explicitly identified, authenticated and authorized from HRT providing maximum protection for the data and metadata. Finally, Lokblok ZTN endpoints and network block all externally-originated connection attempts (i.e. those outside Lokblok ZTN) making them ‘dark’ to the Public Internet while data in motion uses strong encryption, negotiated on a per-session basis with the ability, as well as being able to encrypt the data headers, and obfuscate the source IPs.


  • The Lokblok HRT device will generate immutable identity certificates that are transmitted and exchanged throughout the ZTN components.
  • The Lokblok HRT device identity and ZTN platform sets up a highly secure, least privilege access connection from the device back to the application residing in any combination of public and private clouds.
  • Lokblok ZTN is always unknown (dark) to the public Internet (no publicly facing IP address) until an application is ready to transfer data.